NOWHERE PEOPLE is the 3rd book in the Nowhere People book series. It is a 10-year exploration into the lives of stateless individuals and communities around the world. The book exposes the tragic impact statelessness has on communities in twelve countries around the including: Bangladesh, Nepal, Malaysia, Myanmar, Kuwait, Iraq, Serbia, Italy, Ukraine, Kenya, Ivory Coast and the Dominican Republic. While the struggles of stateless people are practically invisible to the world, one of the many objectives of the book Nowhere People is to help contribute to the question, "What does statelessness look like in 2015?" The book aims to reveal the human face of statelessness as well as the lengths stateless people will go to survive and find a place in society. Built around the voices, testimonies and stories of stateless people themselves, Nowhere People provides tangible documentation and proof of a global issue that has been ignored for far too long.

Buzzfeed, Kate Bubacz

"As borders continue to close and war and economic desperation drives millions from their homeland seeking safety or a better way of life "Nowhere People" is a worthy reminder of the effect that abstract government designations can have on individuals. [Nowhere People] is far-reaching, exploring what it means to be stateless in Europe, Africa an Southeast Asia."

The Wire (India), Raghu Karnard

"In Nowhere People, Constantine visits stateless groups in twelve countries: from Italy and Ukraine, to Ivory Coast and Nepal, bringing into view 'the innocent people who are not tolerated by any state.'"

The Huffington Post, KJ Wetherholt

"...depicting statelessness is essential to evoke the kind of visceral or emotional response that can only be done in some cases through a visual medium.  Nowhere People is a testament to the capacity to use the photographic language for necessary reasons..."

Christian Science Monitor, Dan Southerland

"[Constantine's] photography offers a vivid close-up portrait of stateless people...Emerging through these pictures are people, who though repressed and marginalized, are intelligent, resilient and resourceful. They are courageous and they persevere."


2015 NOTABLE PHOTO BOOKS OF THE YEAR - Photo District News Magazine 

TOP TEN PHOTO BOOKS OF 2015 - Mother Jones


374 Pages (Hardcover)

Foreword by Shirin Ebadi (2003 Nobel Peace Prize Winner)

11.2 x 8.8 x 1.5 inches

320 B&W photos

Includes poems, song lyrics and testimonies

Text & Photographs by Greg Constantine

Design by Helen Kudrich Coleman


Dissent Magazine,  Mira Siegelberg

" one pages through the hundreds of photographs, the force of Constantine's argument that statelessness represents a distinctive global phenomenon grows. The book succeeds by laying bare the vital importance of nationality for the vulnerable populations documented in his photographs. Separating word from image allows Constantine to also show that the people photographed represent something larger. What at first appears to be symbolic and disembodied on closer inspection reveals the real lives of stateless people--individuals who all share the experience of exclusion from the countries they consider home."

Refugee Watch Journal, Meghna Guhathakurta

"Nowhere People opens us up to the millions of people who suffer the same fate of statelessness around the globe, known and unknown and it is this common plight that knits the book together and at the same time makes a plea to end this suffering once and for all. It is a book that has to be seen by world leaders and those who purport to control our destinies, because it is a book that does not give any solutions, rather one that asks for one."

PDN Magazine, Conor Risch

"Nowhere People, with its short, digestible histories of stateless communities and rich visual documentation, is both proof of the human spirit and confirmation of the cruelty of xenophobia, sectarianism and other forms of social elitism."

Mother Jones, Mark Murrmann: 

"The book, in its scope and depth, brings to mind a vast Sebastiao Salgado project (think Migrations) or Ed Kashi's excellent Curse of Black Gold book on the Nigerian oil industry....It's a hefty, beautiful beast. From the textured, embossed cover to the excellent black & white reproductions and smart layout, including nice foldout pages allowing for big, gorgeous horizontal images, it's a book that as an object itself stands out..Its great layout and wonderful body of documentary work puts it among some of the best, most ambitious documentary projects of our time."  

The Atlantic, Emily Anne Epstein:

"Nowhere People gives us an unparalleled view of what it is like to be stateless...The images in Nowhere People negate the idea that these men, woman and children are non-persons.  Hope and determination explode through the black and white frames.  Personal stories and interviews populate the book as well adding rich layers of language and history, and show Constantine's commitment to bearing witness. By capturing the lives of these stateless people on camera, Constantine creates a kind documentation that governments have long denied them.

NY Times, Lens Blog

"Nowhere People spans continents. It is an immense, moody body of work composed of different chapters, each telling a complex story."

From the Foreword, Shirin Ebadi

"The book you are about to read draws your attention to this global tragedy. By shedding light on the plight and daily reality of some of these stateless people, the book succeeds in transporting you into their world."

The Nation, Jim Pollard

"The book covers tough ground - the lives of more than 10 million people around the world stuck in a grim and bleak existence...Nowhere People is an important work, a timely reminder of the urgent need to resolve these people's problems"