acts as a central portal for several other inter-related websites from the 10-year project Nowhere People.  Please visit the sites below! 


is on ongoing project that is dedicated specifically to the work I've done over the past ten years documenting the plight of the stateless Rohingya community from Burma and to the critically acclaimed book, Exiled To Nowhere: Burma's Rohingya. 


takes an in-depth look at the history and struggles of the Nubian community in Kenya and the book, Kenya's Nubians: Then & Now. Through a grant from the Documentary Photography Project of the Open Society Foundations and the UNHCR, this project utilizes visual anthropology to highlight the impact of statelessness on the Nubian community.  It was produced by working with a team of Nubian youth to collect and curate hundreds of old, never before seen family photographs that are juxtaposed with my own work.  It presents the first comprehensive visual history of the Nubian community in Kenya.


is an educational website launched in April 2016 and is a collaboration between myself, the European Network on Statelessness and the Institute on Statelessness & Inclusion.  It aims to provide educators and students from grade 1-12 with tools to learn more about the issue of statelessness and build the issue and the many themes related to statelessness into their curriculum and studies.