The Independent on Sunday:  2012 Notable Photo Book of the Year

Photo District News: Editors 2012 Notable Photo Book of the Year

Finalist: IPA Photo Book Asia Awards 

In Burma, the Rohingya have been abused, excluded and denied the most basic of human rights, including citizenship. As refugees in Bangladesh and beyond, they have been neglected, exploited and forced to exist in the darkest margins of society. Persecuted and stateless, they are the unwanted and the unwelcome. Exiled to Nowhere: Burma's Rohingya exposes the stories and plight of one of the world's most oppressed and forgotten people and also provides evidence of their sheer courage to stay alive whatever the ground beneath their feet. It is the second book from the Nowhere People book series.

160 Pages (Hardcover)

Published in 2012

9.7 x 6.9 x .8 inches

Foreword by, Emma Larkin

"Constantine's black-and-white photographs of Rohingya living in refugee camps and unofficial settlements in Bangladesh are straightforward, well edited and haunting. They are free of sensationalism or trite symbolism. His landscapes show us the tenuousness of a makeshift existence. His photographs of Rohingya in their shelters or doing work they can, urge to appreciate their strength and perseverance while also assuring us we can't imagine it." Conor Risch, Photo District News Magazine

"Exiled To Nowhere is a timely book to help us awaken to the reality of our stupor and apathy. Unfortunately, the impetus for humanitarian action often comes more from the dictates of realipolitik than it does from well-meaning projects such as this one, but that fact only serves as an indictment of our callousness. Constantine's book is a reminder of the Rohingyas' humanity, and a call to ours." Meghna Guhathakurta, Himal Southasian Magazine.

"Though ostensibly a photo book, Exiled To Nowhere serves as a vivid collection of reportage that few magazines could (or, these days, would) deliver...The bar is set high when it comes to grabbing the attention of readers (and photo editors) with projects focused on human rights in desolate places.  It's refreshing to get yanked out of that jaded place by a successful project like Constantine's." Mark Murrmann, Mother Jones Magazine

After years covering human rights in Burma, the Rohingya for me always looms the darkest and most intractable of a miserable landscape. Rendering clear the human dimensions of protracted statelessness, Greg Constantine has granted the Rohingya a basic right Burma and communities refuse to grant, and the international community is incapable of improving: basic human dignity." David Mathieson, Human Rights Watch.

Exiled to Nowhere: Burma's Rohingya allows outsiders a snapshot into the lives of what human rights groups consider some of the most grave and under-reported case of human rights abuse in the world." Shibani Mahtani, Wall Street Journal

"In documenting the plight of Myanmar's stateless Rohingya minority, roving photographer Greg Constantine has produced an important work at a crucial time..." Greg Torode, South China Morning Post